• tahak

           Applied Meteorology Development


          TAHAK, the Persian acronym for "applied meteorology development" (Persian: تهك) is one of the major strategic objectives of the I.R. of Iran Meteorological Organization (IRIMO). As a matter of fact, TAHAK provides the end-users with their required products, based on the effects of atmospheric parameters on different sectors such as agriculture, fishery, aviation, tourism, etc., and these sectors' requirements. In this regard, IRIMO plays a major role in maintaining peace and improving the quality of people's lives. Thus, TAHAK was established to let the end-users use the provided products.


          In order to use TAHAK, the end-users are required to register in the system. Then, they are able to access their required recommendations in their user panels provided by the IRIMO experts. These recommendations are created using data from weather stations and experts of the IRIMO. 

          TAHAK  web site address is