• Statistical Analysis
          In addition to disasters caused by wars and conflicts (intentional human-induced disasters), 41 other natural disasters have been recognized in the world. Based on historical evidences, the occurrence of natural disasters in Iran in recent decades demonstrates that this country is one of the disaster-prone countries in the world. 31 from 41 known world disasters can be traced in Iran. 90% of Iran population can be affected by these natural hazards.
          In this sense, Iran stands six in case of disaster occurrence. Recognition of the unexpected hazards is the crucial part of crisis management. The unexpected hazards must be analyzed, even if they are rare in a region and happen in 100 years.
          Weather-induced disasters are as follows:
          1-      Floods and flash floods
          2-      Heavy Rain and Snow
          3-      Strong Winds
          4-      Sandstorms and Dust storms
          5-      Fog
          6-      Avalanches
          7-      Tropical Cyclones and Hurricanes
          8-      Drought
          9-      Air Pollution
          10- Drying of lakes and rivers
          11- Sea level rise
          12- Thermal Extremes
          13- Severe Thunderstorm
          14- Hailstorms
          15- Tornadoes
          16- Landslides/mudslides
          17- Forest or wild land fire
          18- Desert locust plagues
          19- Storm surge
          20- Ice storms
          According to global statistics 1980-2007, about 90% of natural disasters are atmospheric and marine disasters. Also, 70% of loss of lives and 75% of loss of properties are caused by these disasters.
          It is impossible to avoid natural disasters, but it is possible to prevent or mitigate their destructive impacts. Investing in natural disasters prevention can mitigate the damages 5 times more than the amount of investment, which, of course, depends on the country development. Based on international federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, the Percentage of the occurrence of some human-induced and natural disasters are as follows:
          a)      Storms: 24%
          b)      Floods: 24%
          c)      Earthquakes: 13%
          d)     Health disasters: 7%
          e)      Industrial events: 5%
          f)       Explosions: 4%
          g)      Social and political unrests: 4%
          h)      Snow and frost: 3%
          i)        Refugee immigration: 3%
          j)        Land slide: 3%
          k)      Volcanoes: 3%
          l)        Fires: 2%
          m)    Droughts: 2%
          n)      Food security: 1%
          o)      Others: 2%
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