• Ministry of Roads and Urban Development programs on completion and development of the project
          Road meteorology which studies the role of atmospheric phenomena on the safety of transportation is a modern science and up to date technology that has come to existence on international arena in 1970 and has drawn the attention of meteorological, road maintenance and transportation organizations world wild, so that approximately 8913 road meteorology stations are collecting and recording weather-road information around the world at the moment.
          Fortunately today, with the opening and operation of the 58 road meteorology stations in addition to previously installed stations, the number of the stations has increased to 70 across the country. Regarding the extent of the roads of the Country, the need for completion and expansion of the network in further phases is obvious, hence the study stages of the second phase of the project, in terms of the required number of stations and installation locations, are underway and after accomplishment, other required stations will be added to the existing stations network.